Consumer Reports survey shows EVs are close to becoming mainstream

Consumer Reports has a bit of a love hate relationship with electric vehicles (EVs), in particular when it comes to Tesla. Despite their sometimes poor rankings, the latest survey from Consumer Reports shows EVs are close to becoming mainstream.

In a survey of nearly 3,400 American adults with driver’s licenses between July and August 2020, 71% said they would consider purchasing an EV at some point in the future. Nearly one third (27%) said they will consider an EV as their next purchase.

In a sign that automakers are not offering enough choices when it comes to alternative fuel vehicles, more than 70% said they should offer more plug-in electric pickups and SUVs.

“These results show that there is robust consumer interest in electric vehicles, but consumers need automakers to deliver more compelling choices at competitive prices,” Chris Harto, CR’s senior sustainability policy analyst says.

What’s keeping them from buying an EV? Unsurprisingly, the survey found the same barriers that have existed for EVs for a number of years continue today – vehicle range and availability of charging stations.

While more than 70% of respondents said they would do the majority of their charging at home, most still want an EV that can travel 300 miles (482km) on a single charge.

“American drivers are accustomed to having ready access to gas stations, and may not realize that if they have a personal garage or driveway, they’ll be doing most of their charging at home with an EV,” Harto says. “Even though we have found that the typical driver would make as few as six stops at a public charging station every year, a more robust network of fast charging stations would help alleviate buyers’ concerns about switching to an electric vehicle.”

The results of the survey show that EVs are most popular among the younger segments of the population, but the popularity is growing across all age groups.

Source: Consumer Reports

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