Tesla Supercharger in McBride now open [British Columbia]

The new Tesla Supercharger in McBride, British Columbia, has finally come online, more than six months after construction on the station first began.

The idea for a new Supercharger station in McBride began all the way back in 2021. At that time the Supercharger network in north and central BC looked very different than it does today, making long distance trips in a Tesla difficult, especially in cold winter temperatures. This gap in coverage prompted Tesla to reach out to the village about potential locations for a Supercharger.

Since then Tesla has opened up Superchargers in Prince George, Quesnel, Williams Lake, and earlier this year Valemount and Clearwater. The one remaining gap was in McBride, a location that would make the trip to neighbouring Alberta (Jasper) much easier.

The McBride Supercharger was first discovered already under construction in December 2023. However, despite being nearly complete at that time, the site sat idle for months.

That was until last week when the McBride Supercharger was finally turned on. (h/t: @Mod3My) According to the Tesla mobile app the 8-stall V3 Supercharger is now online, and it costs $0.51/kWh to plug in.

This is the first new Supercharger site to go online in Canada in recent months, following the Canadian Supercharger team being laid off in early May. There are many other sites in British Columbia that are sitting idle waiting to be turned on, including in North Vancouver, Delta, Richmond, Langley, and Abbotsford.

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