Tesla starts construction of 4th Supercharger in Richmond [British Columbia]

Tesla has started construction on a new Supercharger station in Richmond, British Columbia, the fourth station in the city that is also home to the largest Supercharger station in Canada.

The new Supercharger is located in the parking of the St. Edwards Crossing shopping mall (3100 St Edwards Dr), just 1km away from the Tesla Richmond Sales and Service Center.

According to a photo shared with us by one of our readers, Brian Dolbec (@BrianDolbec), the Supercharger is located in the southwest corner of the parking lot. Although construction is still in the early stages, it appears as though it will feature at least 20 V3 Supercharger posts.

If this station does end up with 20 stalls, it would bring the total number of Supercharger stalls in Richmond to 88, surpassing Surrey as the city in the lower mainland with the most Supercharger stalls. Last year the fifth Supercharger station opened in Surrey, bringing the total number of stall there to 68.

Nearly half of the 88 stalls in Richmond are at Canada’s largest Supercharger, the 40 stall station at Garden City Shopping Center that opened last year.

There are currently four other Superchargers under construction in the lower mainland in North Vancouver, Delta, Langley, and Abbotsford.

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