The Boring Company Completes Cybertunnel at Giga Texas

The Boring Company has completed drilling a tunnel that will be part of the Giga Texas expansion. Referred to as the Сybertunnel, it will connect the production facilities with the logistics area for fast supplies.

The long-awaited tunnel has arrived thanks to a new drilling machine developed by The Boring Company, the Prufrock-3. On Sunday, the machine appeared right at the Giga Texas production building, according to a post the company shared on X.

Earlier this year, Drive Tesla reported that Boring Company had begun preparations to drill a tunnel near the Tesla factory. In March, drone videos showed the machine taking off on the west side of the factory complex, across the highway from the main building. Now the bulk of the work is done. The Cybertunnel runs underneath State Highway 130 (SH 130), also known as Pickle Parkway.

Tesla Cybertruck lead engineer Wes Morrill explained that the Cybertunnel will connect the end of the Cybertruck production line to the logistics site for shipment and deliveries. This move will help reduce traffic on the site and improve quality, according to his explanation. Elon Musk has long planned to equip Giga Texas with a tunnel, and mentioned the development even in 2020.

Tesla is currently ramping up Cybertruck production. The company expects to deliver 250,000 Cybertrucks annually. That production target is set for 2025, according to Musk’s earlier statement. Having a tunnel will indeed help increase the productivity of the factory. This is not the first time that collaboration between Musk’s various companies has yielded positive results. Tesla cars are used in the Las Vegas Loop to deliver passengers, and the company’s cooperation with SpaceX made Cybertruck and the future Roadster possible.

With Boring Company tunnels, Musk aims to bypass traffic by creating a system of ultra-safe, earthquake-resistant tunnels under cities. “We should build more tunnels. Put trains in them or cars or whatever, but every large city on Earth is plagued by traffic & it’s getting worse. Multi-level tunnels might solve this, so worth trying,” he said.

Traffic congestion around the world is a problem that results in wasted time and energy, and pollutes the environment. The Boring Company was created by Musk to help solve this problem.

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