Tesla Supercharger in Clearwater under construction [British Columbia]

A Tesla Supercharger is finally under construction in the District of Clearwater, British Columbia.

Two years ago, almost to the day, we first told you about a Supercharger coming to Clearwater after the mayor, Merlin Blackwell, personally visited Tesla’s website and submitted an application for the city to become a Supercharger host location. A source later informed us that a site had been picked, the shopping center at 365 Murtle Crescent, a convenient location just off the Southern Yellowhead Highway (BC Hwy 5).

After hearing nothing since then, construction finally began this week. According to a photo posted to the TMC forums, the Supercharger is located exactly where we said it would be, but more specifically, in front of the Tim Hortons. There is no Tesla equipment on site just yet as groundwork has only just begun, but workers confirmed this is going to become a Supercharger. Since construction is still at such an early stage, it is difficult to tell how many connectors this location will have, but it appears it will be around 8 stalls.

With Clearwater now under construction on two other Superchargers in the area, Valemount and McBride.

Tesla does have Clearwater on their list of upcoming locations, and it is scheduled to open in Q4 2023, which based on construction starting this week, looks to be right on schedule.

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