Thousands of Updated Tesla Model 3s Ready for Shipment at Shanghai Port

Thousands of new Tesla Model 3s are ready for shipment at the port of Shanghai. Observation shows that the ramp-up of production of the updated model is in full swing and soon the first customers will begin to take delivery.

Tesla is actively preparing for the first deliveries of the updated Model 3, as recent observations show. WuWa shared a video filmed at Shanghai’s Nankang port, from where the company ships vehicles to overseas markets. According to the video, thousands of Model 3s are waiting to be loaded onto the ship to be delivered to their owners. It is noteworthy that previously, the company produced cars in small batches and dispersed them across various warehouses. But, after receiving approval from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), Giga Shanghai increased production and now we can see a large batch of Model 3s at the port.

In addition to the video, WuWa shared some interesting information obtained from their sources. People familiar with the matter told them that the first deliveries of the updated Model 3 will be to Europe. This is great news for those local customers who will have the opportunity to be the first to receive the new product. Deliveries to Europe are also hinted at by the fact that all cars at the port have the European Union logo. According to Tesla’s online configurator, Model 3 deliveries should occur in October-November.

In addition to this information, WuWa reported that deliveries of the updated Model 3 will not begin in China this year. According to the information, this should happen only in early 2024. However, this should be taken with a grain of salt. Although it will take time to ramp up production, Giga Shanghai will still be capable of producing thousands of vehicles per month. It seems that it would not make much sense to saturate only the European market with them. Perhaps we will get more information about this soon.

Tesla’s Chinese factory is currently the only one producing the new Model 3. The new model was launched just earlier this month and has attracted a lot of interest from consumers. Initially, sales were launched for the Asia-Pacific region.

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