Construction underway on second Tesla Supercharger station in Canmore, Alberta

Travelling through the Rocky Mountains in your Tesla is going to be a little bit easier soon as the automaker is adding a second Supercharger station.

The first Supercharger station in the picturesque town opened in early 2015. With just four stalls featuring V2 150kW Superchargers, the station was better than nothing, but didn’t provide much for owners driving between Alberta and British Columbia.

Now the number of stalls will more than double as there is a new Supercharger station already under construction in the parking lot of the Boston Pizza at 1704 Bow Valley Trail. The new location is just 450m from the current Supercharger at the Canmore Rocky Mountain Inn at 1719 Bow Valley Trail.

Based on what we can see in the picture, the new station will feature at least 6, or possibly 8 V3 Superchargers, which are capable of charging at up to 250kW. According to the person who took the picture, the new site could be open as early as next week.

While the amount of construction that has been completed could certainly indicate an imminent opening, it can often take weeks and even several months before Superchargers are turned on after all the work has been completed.

Nearby Golden, British Columbia is also awaiting their new Supercharger, which began construction in September. It will also be the second Supercharger in Golden, but the current site is expected to be shut down once the new station is operational.

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