Tesla suing former thermal engineer for stealing Dojo supercomputer secrets

Tesla is suing former thermal engineer Alexander Yatskov claiming that he illegally copied company secrets to his personal devices.

Tesla is accusing the former engineer of copying information about Tesla’s AI supercomputer Project Dojo.

Not much is known about the project, but we do know that it is a supercomputer developed in-house at Tesla.

The supercomputer is fed information from Tesla users to help solve complex engineering problems like autonomous driving.

We know the supercomputer uses the DJ1 chip tile, which Tesla unveiled at AI Day back in 2021.

Tesla claims that Yatskov created Tesla documents around Project Dojo and shared them on his personal email address. The claim did not include what information Yatskov copied.

Tesla noted in the complaint that: (via Business Insider)

Access to the Tesla Trade Secrets would enable engineers at other companies to reverse engineer Tesla’s Trade Secrets to create similar supercomputer thermal systems in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the expense it took Tesla to build it.

As per the complaint, Yatskov also falsified his skills and work history. He also regularly failed to complete work tasks.

Yatskov joined Tesla in January and quit earlier this month.

Neither Yatskov nor Tesla provided a comment on the lawsuit.

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