Tesla starts sending “Prepare for Delivery” emails to Cybertruck customers

Tesla has sent out the first “Prepare for Delivery” emails to Cybertruck customers in the US. This email typically comes when delivery of the vehicle is imminent, but whether they will take place before the end of the year is still unclear.

As we all know Tesla held the Cybertruck delivery event at Giga Texas on November 30, where the first 10 Cybertrucks were handed over to customers by CEO Elon Musk himself. Much to everyone’s surprise the company started sending out hundreds, if not thousands of emails to customers in California and Texas on Friday inviting them to convert their reservation into an order for a Foundation Series Cybertruck, which is priced as high as US$120,000 depending on the configuration.

After a more than four year wait, many of those customers finalized their order, and almost as quickly Tesla has already started telling them to prepare for delivery. One of the first reported emails was from CybertruckOwnersClub forum member Cirrus SR22, who said they placed their order for a Cybertruck All-Wheel Drive (AWD) on Saturday morning. They then completed all the required steps in the mobile app, including adding registration and loan information, and on Sunday morning received the “Prepare for Delivery” email.

Since then other customers who placed orders for a Foundation Series Cybertruck have also reported receiving the same email, like @teslaownersSV on X (formerly Twitter), 

email prepare
Credit: Cirrus SR22

While these emails are a good sign and mean that a Cybertruck has been allocated to these customers, no VIN has been assigned, and no delivery date has been scheduled in the mobile app yet. However based on the typical timeline for when Tesla sends out these emails to when the deliveries take place, there is a good chance some of them could happen before the end of the year.

According to previous communication from Tesla, the first deliveries will take place in California and Texas this year, before expanding to other states in 2024. There has still been no word on when the Cybertruck might arrive in Canada, but last week the Ontario government did add the Cybertruck to the list of vehicles eligible for the green licence plate program.

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