Tesla brings back no resale clause as Cybertruck orders begin

Tesla had a busy Friday night as hundreds of emails were sent to customers inviting them to place an order for a Foundation Series Cybertruck. While the flood of emails generated a lot of excitement, the company did bring back its no resale clause for the electric truck.

Earlier this week Tesla started sending out emails to a select few customers and employees to place an order for the Foundation Series Cybertrucks. The initial wave of emails was quite small, but we did learn that Tesla was offering both the Cybertruck AWD and the CyberBeast at $99,990 and $119,990 respectively. The $20,000 premium over the regular estimated price included a bunch of goodies and accessories, including Full Self-Driving (FSD) Capability.

Then on Friday night Tesla ramped up their efforts, as hundreds of people reported receiving an email to place their orders. Social media was full of posts from excited customers who had already clicked the order button, while others wondered if they should be spending over $100,000 on the Cybertruck. All of the customers lived in California or Texas, confirming our earlier reporting that deliveries were going to start in these two states.

There have been rumours floating around that Tesla is building 1,000 Foundation Series Cybertrucks. We don’t know the exact number, but none of our sources have been able to confirm the 1,000 figure is accurate.

For those that did place their orders, it was discovered that Tesla has brought back the no resale clause for the Cybertruck. This clause first appeared in the order agreement last month, before it was quickly removed. Now it is back in its original form. The clause states you are not allowed to sell your Cybertruck within the first year of ownership without written permission from Tesla. If you don’t get that, and do try to sell it, or even if Tesla believes you are trying to sell it, they can sue you for $50,000 or more.

Here’s the full clause.

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