Tesla Cybertruck gets 25-mile range boost with tonneau cover closed

A lot has been said about the range of the Cybertruck. While Tesla wasn’t able to deliver on their 500 mile (804km) range target (although it will come close with the release of the optional Range Extender later this year), there is a simple way to ensure you get the most out range out of your Cybertruck – keep the tonneau closed, especially on road trips.

Car and Driver has been testing the Cybertruck and all its accessories and recently focused on the tonneau cover. The company tested the tri-motor CyberBeast model with 35-inch all-terrain tires on a 6.6-mile oval track. The oval track was chosen to eliminate any potential wind effect.

The testing showed that the Cybertruck saw an increase of 25 miles (40km) in range when the tonneau was closed compared to when the cover was open. The testing also looked at other factors, including wheel covers and whether the tailgate was open or not.

The full test results were:

75 mph (120km/h) test Consumption average
Tonneau Closed, with wheel covers 58.3 kWh/ 100 miles
Tonneau Closed without wheel covers 59.3 kWh/ 100 miles
Tonneau open with tailgate open 64 kWh/ 100 miles
Tonneau open 62.5 kWh/ 100 miles

Car and Driver did the same test at 65 mph (105km/h) and saw an average 15.5% drop in consumption across all testing states. However, the differences between tonneau closed and tonneau open remained stable.

So, what does this all mean? If you are looking for the most efficient way to expand the range of the Cybertruck, you need to run with the tonneau closed and slow down a little.

And if you are worried about losing the ability to use your rear-view mirror because the tonneau cover is closed, nearly all owners have reported that the rear-view camera is superior and provides a much better view of what’s going on behind your Cybertruck.

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