Tesla’s First South American Shipment of Cars Arrive in Chile

Tesla’s first shipment of cars to South America have arrived in Chile. Dozens, if not hundreds of cars landed at the port to be delivered to consumers in South America for the first time.

According to a post by @hadockut on X, Tesla unloaded the cars about 24 hours ago. The photos and videos show several dozen units, although the exact number remains unknown. Also, only the updated Model 3 is visible in the photos and video. In a follow-up post, a video of a truck loaded with cars being delivered to the delivery center was added. These will be the first Tesla cars ever delivered to Chile and South America in general.


Tesla registered in Chile last year. It is noteworthy that this registration covers not only the sale of cars but also activities related to the production of energy and electricity. After this, the company began recruiting employees to open a store and launch sales. Tesla has officially entered the South American market, opened its first retail location and started sales of Model 3 and Model Y in early February. The company’s first store is located in an upscale shopping center in the Chilean capital of Santiago.

According to the online configurator, Model 3 RWD starts at $39,900,000, or around C$57,100, while the Long Range (LR) variant starts at $44,900,000, or around C$64,200.

Meanwhile, the Rear-Wheel Drive, LR, and Performance variants of Model Y are available for $42,900.00 (C$61,300), $47,900,000 (C$68,500), or $52,900,000 (C$75,700) respectively.

The first deliveries were expected in April-May, and according to the current information update, this is exactly what will happen. The team will need several days to deliver the vehicles to the delivery point and prepare them for delivery to customers. This will mark an important milestone: the official arrival of Tesla in Chile and South America. Currently, it is extremely favorable for the company to expand its sales markets.

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