Tesla removes FSD Beta geofence in downtown Toronto

Tesla owners with the latest version of Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta can now use the software in downtown Toronto, an area where it was previously restricted from being used due to Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) streetcars.

When Tesla expanded FSD Beta to Canada in March, some of the testers on the first night of the software being available discovered it didn’t work in the downtown area, with the message “Full Self-Driving unavailable at current location” appearing on the in-car display.

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Elon Musk later clarified a geofence was established because the software doesn’t quite know what to do with the TTC streetcars, which operate in the middle of the street and frequently stop to let off passengers.

After seven months of additional testing and validation Tesla is now confident enough in the software’s ability that they have removed the geofence with FSD Beta version, which started deploying to Canadians this weekend, including to new testers who received FSD Beta for the first time.

One of those new testers confirmed the removal of the geofence this morning, sharing an image with Chansoo Byeon (@ByeonChansoo) showing the software active at the intersection of Yonge St and Adelaide St E in the heart of downtown Toronto.


In a discussion with Drive Tesla, Byeon confirmed his friend was able to travel in his Model Y Performance in a previously restricted area, from his home in the downtown core to the Don Valley Parkway, entirely on FSD Beta.

Tesla’s release of brings testers up to the 2022.36 branch of software updates (2022.36.20), but its release is still somewhat limited at this time according to data from TeslaFi.

That should change soon as it is expected Tesla will update all cars with FSD Beta to this version before the wide release of v11, which should arrive next month based on the most recent update from Musk on Sunday.

Have you tried FSD Beta in Toronto’s downtown core? Have you encountered any TTC streetcars? Let us know how your car handled the situation in the comments below.

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