Tesla FSD Beta restricted in downtown Toronto due to streetcars

The day Canadians have been waiting for for almost one and a half years finally arrived with Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta officially expanding north of the border last night.

An initial wave of downloads saw the software being sent to some cars with both 100 and 99 Safety Scores.

Several of those cars were in Toronto, and some late night tests revealed the software didn’t work in the downtown area, with the message “Full Self-Driving unavailable at current location” appearing on the in-car display.

This morning Elon Musk confirmed Tesla has geofenced FSD Beta in the area because the software doesn’t quite know what to do with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) streetcars.

Musk also revealed that Sr. Director of AI at Tesla Andrej Karpathy is currently on a sabbatical.

UPDATE 1:35pm PST: Musk didn’t provide the exact boundaries of the geofence, but based on initial reports it appears to be everything south of Danforth/Bloor.

This difficulty with the TTC streetcars could be why Tesla sent a Lidar-equipped Model Y to Ontario for validation earlier this week.

Since the initial downloads first started on Saturday night, Tesla has not yet sent it to more cars on Sunday.

While others wait for FSD Beta to appear in their cars, here is a video of it driving in Toronto early this morning (Leslie and York Mills Rd to DVP and Richmond Ave).

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