First glimpse inside Project Highland Model 3 reveals Model S like round steering wheel

New drone footage from above Tesla’s Fremont factory has given us our first look at the interior of the refresh Model 3, dubbed Project Highland. While the footage is from afar we can see the redesigned Model 3 does not have a yoke steering wheel, but instead one that looks very similar to the new round steering wheel for the Model S and Model X.

For the last few months we have seen several Project Highland test cars driving around the Bay area near Tesla’s Fremont factory. All of these cars have had camouflage on the front and rear of the vehicle to hide any new design features (although we have seen a leak of what the front looks like). Along with the camouflage on the outside of the car, the interior has also been covered up, not revealing any clues as to what changes may be taking place on the inside.

There have been suggestions that one of the design changes might be the addition of a yoke steering wheel. While that may still come a paid option like it is on the Model S and Model X, it looks like the new Model 3 will gain the same round steering wheel now included as standard in the flagship vehicles.

Drone footage from what appears to be the Fremont test track shared on TikTok shows the driver’s door of a Project Highland Model 3 open, revealing it too is covered to conceal any changes to the dash and the doors. One feature you can’t cover up however is the steering wheel, and it looks very similar to that from the Model S/X. The one difference we can see is the lower section of the wheel below the horn. On the Model S/X this is a solid piece, whereas in the image below it appears to have an opening.

What is notable about this steering wheel is that it has capacitive buttons for many of the vehicles functions, like the turn signals, horn, cruise control, and more. If this is indeed the same steering wheel that would mean the Model 3 is also losing its gear stalks and would be gaining another Model S/X feature – Smart Shift.

One thing we unfortunately can’t tell from the angle of this video is if there will also be a driver’s display added behind the steering wheel like in the Model S/X.

Let us know what you think in the comments after checking out the full video below.

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