Tesla phases out HW3 as Giga Berlin starts Model Y production with HW4

Tesla has finally started production of the Model Y at Giga Berlin with the latest Hardware 4.0 (HW4) self-driving computer and updated cameras, brining all of the automaker’s factories around the world to the same standards. This also means the company has officially phased out its previous generation HW3 computer.

Tesla first introduced HW4 at their Fremont factory, adding it to the Model S and Model X in March 2023. The company then added it to the Model Y a few months later in May 2023, from both Fremont and Giga Texas. Tesla most recently added it to the Model 3 with the launch of the reengineered version earlier this year, as well as the Cybertruck when it launched late last year.

These cars didn’t just receive the latest self-driving computer, but they also received new and higher quality cameras to go along with it.

Despite Fremont and Giga Texas building cars with HW4 for a year, it wasn’t until February 2024 when it was added to the production lines at Giga Shanghai. Now Tesla has officially transitioned Giga Berlin to also include HW4, meaning all of Tesla’s vehicle production facilities are buildings cars with HW4 and that HW3 has officially been phased out.

After receiving regulatory approval for the change in March, a several Model Ys from Giga Berlin with HW4 cameras were spotted this week by X user @selcukjk. The new hardware is easy to spot as the camera lenses have a red tint to them.

As with any change in Tesla’s production lines, there will likely still be a few Model Ys built with HW3 as they fully transition to HW4.

From the license plate holders on these particular Model Ys, they appear to be destined for Taiwan.

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