Tesla now shipping Model Y with Hardware 4 (HW4)

Tesla has been strangely quiet about their latest self-driving computer, referred to as Hardware 4.0 (HW4), that also comes with updated cameras. While the automaker has been including it on Model S and Model X since March, there has been no official public announcement about it, or the new computer’s capabilities.

While we still wait for that information to be released, Tesla has also now added the new hardware to the Model Y. While we obviously can’t see the new computer, Tesla owner Zack (@BLKMDL3) was able to find several Model Ys at his local delivery center on Thursday with the upgraded side repeater and forward facing cameras that have been found on the Model S and Model X for several months.

According to Zack he found the new cameras on both Long Range and Performance variants of the Model Y.

Zack noted that there were still many Model Ys with the previous hardware in the delivery lot. As with any new feature introduced by Tesla, not all Model Ys will be built with the new hardware for likely several months as the changes are phased into the production lines at Fremont and Giga Texas.

The inclusion of HW4 on the Model Y was also corroborated by source code information linked to a newly built Model Y captured by third-party tracker tesla-info, which noted the Autopilot version of a 2023 Model Y AWD as “AP HW4” on a Model Y built at Giga Texas. (via NotATeslaApp)

UPDATE 12:25pm PT: The Kilowatts have also found more Model Y units in South San Francisco with HW4.

This addition to Fremont’s production line also poses an interesting conundrum for soon-to-be Model Y owners in Canada. Recently the automaker started shipping Model Y RWD and Model Y Performance from Giga Shanghai, and since there have been no reports yet of HW4 being included on cars made in China, this could mean that some Canadian owners may miss out on HW4 when they otherwise would have received it if their electric SUV had come from the US.

Tesla Service Manual confirms Model S/X with HW4 has dummy front camera

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