Swedish Appeals Court upholds dismissal of Tesla lawsuit in license plate dispute

Tesla’s six-month battle against Sweden’s IF Metall union continues this week, with the latest development coming from an appeals court, which has upheld a previous decision dismissing the automaker’s lawsuit against the Swedish Transport Agency.

The dispute started last year when IF Metall initiated a strike, demanding a collective agreement covering wages and working conditions for Tesla’s mechanics. While Tesla employees have not supported the strike, the strike has gained support from various other unions, including some in neighbouring Nordic countries, which have initiated their own sympathy strikes, collectively escalating the pressure on Tesla.

Among the actions taken, unions have hindered Tesla’s ability to import cars through Swedish ports and have implemented a postal blockade, complicating the delivery of necessary license plates for new vehicles.

In an attempt to over these hurdles, Tesla sued the Swedish Transport Agency, demanding guaranteed access to the required license plates. However, both the District Court and the Court of Appeal ruled against Tesla, stating that the general court does not have jurisdiction to hear the case. This decision was reiterated by the Gota Court of Appeal on Thursday.

“The Court of Appeal agrees with the District Court’s assessment that the general court … does not have jurisdiction to hear the action brought by Tesla,” the court said in a statement. (via Reuters)

Despite these disruptions, Tesla continues to have a significant customer base in Sweden. However, the strikes and blockades have affected new Tesla owners, such as Postnord’s refusal in December to deliver license plates to Tesla’s facilities.

Earlier this week, Sweden’s largest union, Unionen, also initiated their own sympathy strike against Tesla in support of IF Metall. The union says it will stop all Tesla-related equipment inspection work.

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