Watch a Porsche Taycan be built from scratch [VIDEO]

Last month, Porsche unveiled there first-ever fully electric vehicle, the Porsche Taycan (and Taycan Turbo S…) at Niagara Falls. Following the unveiling, Porsche announced that the Taycan had set a new lap record at the famed German racetrack, the Nürburgring. Not to be outdone, Tesla CEO Elon Musk immediately sent a Model S to Germany in an attempt to beat the lap-time of its newest rival. While unofficial, the Model S with the new plaid powertrain apparently beat the record by 20 seconds, with a promise to return after some tweeks for an even faster time.

Now if you have some free time, you can watch this interesting 29 minute video of a Porsche Taycan being built from scratch. You can follow the vehicle along as it gets assembled, painted, and finally quality tested, including by someone who’s job it is is to caress the car with white gloves. Where can I sign up for that job (at Tesla)?

For a somewhat similar video, here’s a time lapse of a Tesla Model 3 being built.

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