Tesla opens two new Superchargers in Saskatchewan

Christmas has arrived a little early for Tesla owners in Saskatchewan as two new Superchargers have opened in the province this week. With the opening of Superchargers in Kindersley and Yorkton, there are now 13 Supercharger stations across the province.

Kindersley Supercharger

The Kindersley Supercharger is located next to the Pet Valu store at 705 11th Ave. The site features 6 V3 stalls, as well as 2 FLO DC fast chargers for non-Tesla owners. According to the mobile app, Tesla owners plugging in at Kindersley will be billed $0.59 per kWh. At the time of writing the app indicates stall 2B is out of order, but this will likely be fixed soon.

The addition of Kindersley plugs a large Supercharger gap along the Saskatchewan/Alberta border when travelling between Lloydminster and Maple Creek or Medicine Hat.


Yorkton Supercharger

On the other side of the province Tesla also opened the Yorkton Supercharger this week. Like Kindersley, Tesla installed 6 V3 stalls at the Parkland Mall (277 Broadway St E). Yorkton is a little more expensive at $0.60/kWh.


Now that Kindersley and Yorkton are open, there are currently no other Superchargers under construction in Saskatchewan. According to Tesla’s Supercharger map there are no other locations planned for the province. Interestingly, even Tesla’s Supercharger Voting page still has Kindersley listed as a potential location. As of today it is currently has 260 votes, only good enough for 26th spot on the leaderboard.

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