Green League ask for Tesla’s Giga Berlin license to be revoked following paint leak

After being unsuccessful in their attempts to stop Giga Berlin’s construction and eventual opening, an environmental group in Germany is back at it again.

The Green League is now seeking to have Tesla’s freshly issued operating license revoked following a paint leak at the factory last month.

According to a report by RBB24, the State Environment Agency and the Lower Oder-Spree Water Authority determined that on April 11 approximately 15,000 liters of a paint mixture leaked out in the Tesla paint shop.

After the leak was cleaned up by a disposal company, about two to three liters of the “slightly hazardous” liquid ran onto an access road.

Green League says the access road between Giga Berlin’s Paint Shop and the asphalted traffic area was still unpaved, contrary to what the application documents for a permit required.

The group says this unpaved, and unsealed area poses a risk to the local water supply, and that Tesla’s operating permit should be revoked until the issue has been corrected.

“In order to avoid greater damage, the district is requested to prohibit the operation of the plant until this defect has been remedied and a condition corresponding to the immission control permit has been established.”

Green League said that if their application is not acted upon, they will escalate their complaints to the Ministry of Environment.

Like their previous attempts, this one appears as though it will also be unsuccessful, as the state of Brandenburg says there is no danger to the local groundwater. The state added that even if there was a danger, it would be limited to the factory and not the surrounding area.

Environmental groups not giving up their fight against Giga Berlin

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