Tesla Model Y Wins Crushing Victory in Norway in November & Through 2023

The Tesla Model Y was Norway’s best-selling car in November. The electric SUV also scored a landslide victory in the eleven months of 2023, outselling four of its closest competitors.

Norway is the country with the highest adoption rate of electric vehicles. In fact, the competition there is only among electric vehicles, as cars with internal combustion engines make up only about 10% of the car market. Tesla has been the clear market leader for several years now, and this trend continues.

As in the prior months of 2023, Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car in the country in November, regardless of powertrain type. The American manufacturer registered 1,496 electric SUVs, significantly ahead of all its competitors. Škoda Enyaq took second place with 556 units. In third place is Toyota BZ4X with 534 registrations. In fourth place is Hyundai, which sold 448 Konas. Volkswagen ID.Buzz closes out the top 5 with 337 registrations.

Cumulative sales data from January to November 2023 highlight the Tesla Model Y’s crushing superiority over every other player in the market. During this period, Tesla registered 21,698 Model Ys, more than the combined sales of its next four competitors. In second place—with modest sales compared to the winner—is Volkswagen ID.4 with 6,156 units. This is more than three times less than Model Y’s sales. In third place is Škoda Enyaq with 5,701 units sold. Toyota sold 4,430 BZ4Xs and finished fourth. In fifth place is Volkswagen ID.BUZZ with 4,344 sales.

Tesla electric cars have been the most beloved among Norwegians since they hit the market. For eleven months of 2023, Tesla accounted for 23.9% of all cars sold in the country. It is worth noting that out of 23,779 cars, Model Y accounts for 21,698 units. Without any doubt, Model Y has become a folk favorite in Norway.

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