Tesla opens Superchargers in Milk River [AB] and Berthierville [QC]

Tesla has been on a roll this week turning on several Superchargers across the country. The latest stations to come online over the last couple of days are in Alberta and Quebec.

Milk River Supercharger

The biggest surprise of them all is the Milk River Supercharger in southern Alberta. This station was only revealed as a potential location in August, and due to its relatively remote location close to the Alberta/Montana border (212 8 Ave NW) was not known to even be under construction yet, but according to Tesla’s website the Milk River Supercharger became active on Wednesday, revealing it is a small station with just 4 V3 stalls.

It has also now appeared on the in-car navigation, showing the Supercharger fees range from $0.33/min up to $1.70/min.

Berthierville Supercharger

Another Supercharger that was completed quickly was in Berthierville. Construction began in August, and it was also activated on Wednesday this week.

It is located in the parking lot of the IGA at 860 Av. Gabriel-Brissette, where 8 V3 stalls are now available to be plugged in. According to a local owner only 4 of the 8 stalls were turned on earlier this week, but according to the in-car navigation all are now available for use.

Fees at the Berthierville Supercharger range from $0.33/min up to $1.75/min.

With Milk River and Berthierville Tesla has now turned on seven Superchargers across the country in the last 7 days. The other locations that went online over the last week include, Simcoe, Wynyard, Port Severn, and Cobourg.

With the rush of Supercharger openings this week it is almost feeling like December 2019 when Tesla turned on more than 20 stations turned on in a single week to complete the cross-Canada Supercharger network.

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