Tesla opens Superchargers in Clearwater and Valemount [British Columbia]

Tesla has turned on two new Superchargers in British Columbia, one in Clearwater and one in Valemount, providing some key charging stops on the drive from Vancouver to Edmonton.

Clearwater Supercharger

Construction of the Clearwater Supercharger started back in September 2023, two years after we first learned a Supercharger was planned for the city. The Supercharger is located at the shopping center at 365 Murtle Crescent just off the Southern Yellowhead Highway (BC Hwy 5), and was scheduled to open in Q4 2023.

That deadline was missed, but only just slightly, as the eight V3 (250kW) stalls were powered up and went live earlier this month. According to the mobile app, plugging in at the Clearwater Supercharger costs $0.50/kWh, with the standard idle fees of $1.00 per minute.

Valemount Supercharger

Just a couple of hundred kilometers to the north along BC-5, Tesla has also opened a new Supercharger in Valemount. Construction also began last September, and was quickly completed by the end of October, where the station has sat idle since then waiting for power.

On the same day that Clearwater was powered up, the lights also went on in Valemount. This Supercharger also has 8 V3 (250kW) stalls, and is located at 1503 Swift Creek Rd, at the junction of Swift Creek Road and 5th Ave in front of the Esso and Tim Hortons.

Plugging in at Valemount is a little bit cheaper at $0.41/kWh.

These are the first two Superchargers to be activated in British Columbia in 2024. There are currently four others either under construction or waiting to be turned on in the province, including in Delta, Mission, Manning Park, and North Vancouver.

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