France optimistic it could land Tesla’s major European investment

France is optimistic it is one of the leading candidates for Tesla’s significant investment in electric vehicle (EV) production in Europe, according to French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.

During an interview with LCI television, Le Maire revealed that “several options are on the table” in discussions with Tesla. The French government has been actively promoting the expansion of EV manufacturing within its borders and has been actively seeking partnerships with major industry players.

Recent meetings between Musk and top French government officials, including President Emmanuel Macron, have revolved around identifying suitable locations for future production sites. Le Maire indicated that the investment could encompass various aspects of Tesla’s business, such as battery cells and other components critical to EV production. (via Reuters)

With the country serving as a prominent market for EVs and home to established automakers such as Renault and Peugeot, the country represents an appealing proposition for Tesla’s expansion plans in Europe.

France isn’t the only country in the running for Tesla’s next big project, as leaders and top government officials from around the world are attempting to entice Musk to invest in their country. Other potential locations include Canada, India, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, and likely several others we haven’t heard about. Spain used to be near the top of the list, but Tesla is reportedly no longer interested after news of their negotiations leaked to the media.

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