Tesla offering Model S/X owners 6 years of unlimited Supercharging

Tesla has turned to using its Supercharger network to reward its new car buyers by offering them three years of free Supercharging. However, the company is extending the offer to existing customers as it offers current owners of Model S and Model X six years of unlimited charging, with conditions.

Some Model S and Model X owners have unlimited Supercharging that expires soon. Tesla now offers them a way to get six more years of unlimited charging. The conditions are the owners must trade-in or remove unlimited Supercharging from their current car and take delivery of a new Model S or Model X.

The offer ends on June 30, 2023. However, Tesla added the program could end or change without notice.

In addition, the offer is unavailable if the owner purchases a Model 3 or Model Y instead of a Model S or Model X.

There are many happy owners of older Model S and Model X, thanks to the longevity of the two EVs. It makes sense that Tesla is trying to tempt them to upgrade to the newer versions as deliveries for the two cars slumped during the last quarter, although Tesla maintained there was a valid reason for the drop.

Are you tempted to upgrade your Model S/X by this offer of six years of unlimited Supercharging?

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