Nissan Canada and FLO partner to provide free charging credits and improved home charger accessibility

Nissan Canada and FLO have joined forces to launch two new initiatives to benefit new car buyers – complimentary FLO charging credits and increased accessibility to FLO’s residential EV chargers.

Customers who purchase or lease a new Nissan Leaf or Ariya, along with the Nissan EV Care protection package, will receive $150 worth of charging credits on the FLO network. According to FLO their network offers access to both Level 2 and DC fast chargers throughout Canada and the US, with a claimed network uptime of 98%. The offer is being presented for a limited time, but no end date has been published.

Additionally, Canadian EV drivers now have the opportunity to purchase FLO Home chargers directly from Nissan dealerships across the country. The charger features a durable 100% aluminum, waterproof, impact-resistant, and corrosion-resistant enclosure. The charger is compatible with most EVs and can charge vehicles in 6-8 hours.

The company also offers an advanced X5 model that comes with smart charging capabilities, allowing users to schedule specific charging times, monitor usage, and configure settings via their iOS or Android devices.

“As we broaden our electric vehicles offering, we are excited to collaborate with FLO to bring charging even closer to our customers. We’re thrilled to provide $150 in charging credits to new Nissan EV drivers with their Nissan EV Care protection package,” said Ben Lee, President of Nissan Canada Extended Services Inc.

The Nissan EV Care protection package includes extended coverage for parts and components beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty, prepaid maintenance plans that cover 100% of your scheduled maintenance or a basic ePlanEV, and 24-hour roadside assistance and a reimbursement allowance for towing, taxi/ride share and rental vehicle assistance.

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