Tesla Model S and Model X get WLTP range certification in Europe ahead of first deliveries

Model SX
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Nearly two years after Tesla stopped delivering new Model S and Model X vehicles in Europe, it looks like customers are finally going to start receiving their new vehicles soon. Both versions of Tesla’s flagship vehicles have received their official WLTP range rating certifications.

The range certifications were revealed in an update to the Tesla’s website in Europe, which shows the Model X was more efficient than Tesla was estimating.

Previously the Model S Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive was listed as having an estimated WLTP range of 634km (394 miles), with the Plaid variant showing a range of 600km (373 miles) on a full charge.

Both of these were listed with an asterisks an estimates on the online configurator. Over the weekend, those asterisks were removed and both variants of the Model S now have official WLTP ratings, with no change to Tesla’s estimates. (geschätzt is estimate)

On the other hand, the Model X Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive and Plaid previously showed estimated ranges of 560km (348 miles) and 528km (328 miles) respectively. Those have now been increased to 576km (358 miles) and 543km (337 miles) respectively with the official ratings. (h/t: @tesla_adri)

These new official range ratings comes just one week after Tesla started notifying reservation holders to confirm their deliveries. It is believed the first batch of Model S Plaid vehicles will arrive in November, meaning the first deliveries will happen in either late November or early December.

Once that shipment of cars have been delivered, the next batch of Model S and Model X cars is expected to arrive in Europe in the first quarter of 2023.

When they do arrive, they will likely feature no ultrasonic sensors. A newly built Model S Plaid was spotted in China last week without the sensors, a change which Tesla only announced a few weeks ago.

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