Tesla Model 3 Performance gets up-close walkaround ahead of debut [Photos & Video]

Many were expecting Tesla to announce the new Model 3 Performance, often dubbed the Model 3 Ludicrous thanks to its new badging (more on that later), on Saturday April 20 (4/20), but the day and weekend came and went with no news from the automaker.

While no announcement was made, a test vehicle with manufacturer plates was spotted in an underground garage in California on Sunday, giving us our first up close look at the new electric sedan ahead of its official debut.

The Model 3 Performance was spotted by Jeff (@JeffTutorials), who shared a video walkaround of the car on X, and several photos exclusively with Drive Tesla.

This particular Model 3 Performance was finished in Ultra Red with a black interior with the all-new Sport Seats, which look identical to the new seats added to the Model S Plaid earlier this month.

In this photo we can also see the new front bumper and splitter for the Model 3 Performance. (these photos have been edited to better show the details).

There has been a lot of speculation online that the new Model 3 will be called the Ludicrous, and this is mainly due to the new badge on the rear trunk lid (source code from the configurator indicates they will stick with the original name). While we’ve seen this badge on some other test cars, this is our first up close look at it, which according to Jeff, has a dark blue background.

Also on the trunk is an all new spoiler, which retains the real carbon fiber finish, but is larger and no longer flat across the entire length of the spoiler, with two ‘bumps’ on either end. You can also see this new spoiler in the video below.

Jeff also took some photos of the new 20″ forged wheels. Unlike previous wheels for the Performance model, these feature removable aero inserts.

Now that April 20 has come and gone, the next rumoured date that Tesla will unveil the Model 3 Performance is tomorrow, April 23.

While we wait, you can watch Jeff’s walkaround video below. And you can read more on what we know about the new Model 3 Performance here and here.

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