Kelowna middle school student to drive to Ontario Leadership summit in Tesla Model 3

Owen Clark, a 13-year old middle school student from Kelowna, BC was recently invited to attend the Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS) in April in Ontario (hopefully it doesn’t get cancelled so many other events right now).

He was excited to get the invitation, but he wanted to set an example and travel there in an environmentally-friendly way. After ruling out airplanes (too much GHG emissions) and trains (too slow), he opted to instead travel there on the road instead.

Clark will be renting a Tesla Model 3 and will be going to Ontario with his mother, who will be the lucky driver. He told the Lake Country Calendar the reason he chose the Tesla was because of the industry-leading range.

I decided to rent a Tesla Model 3, particularly because it’s one of the electric cars that can go the furthest on a battery.

It won’t be cheap to rent the Model 3 for the cross-country journey. To help pay for the $4,500 bill, he has started a GoFundMe campaign, which has already raised over $1,500.

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