Tesla adds Sport Seats to Model S Plaid

Tesla has added new Sports Seats to the Model S Plaid to provide extra comfort and most importantly, support for their most powerful vehicle.

We first learned about these Sport Seats last year thanks to an accidental leak in Tesla’s Service Manuals. From the few pictures that were included in the manual we could tell the new seats would provide much more support than their predecessors with larger side bolsters, as well as a signature Plaid logo at the bottom of the headrest.

Six months later and the Sport Seats have officially been added to the Model S Plaid.

According to a post by Tesla on X, the new Sports seats, which unlike other automakers are designed and built in-house by Tesla, feature increased lateral support, modular seat architecture for comfort and support, and high performance suede for increased grip and reduced weight.

The company also shared a video showcasing the new seats, which were added to production as of April 1, 2024.

The new Sport Seats are not an option and are included as standard on the Plaid variant, and is available in the same three interior colour options as before – All Black, Black & White, and Cream.

The Model S Plaid won’t be the only Tesla vehicle to get specialized seats like this. The new Model 3 Performance will also be getting Sport Seats, and based on what we have seen on test vehicles, the design is practically identical, although the logo insert will likely be Ludicrous and not Plaid.

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