Tesla launches Earth Day photo contest, but not in Canada

Tesla has launched a new contest in honour of Earth Day. The contest involves submitting the best photos of your Tesla, or other Tesla products, for the chance to win free store credits, but it is unfortunately not open to Canadian owners.

The Earth Day Photo Contest was first spotted in the source code of an update for the mobile app last week, and on Monday night Tesla turned the feature on. Accessible through the Loot Box, the contest allows a maximum of four photo uploads, all of which must be submitted by April 23, 2023.

Tesla didn’t say when the draw will take place, but the winner (or winners?) will receive 3,500 credits that can be redeemed for Supercharging, software updates, or merchandise and accessories.

Although Tesla didn’t explain why it isn’t available in Canada, it appears to be because the new credit-based referral program which the prize is based upon is not available in Canada, so there is no way for us to redeem the credits if selected as a winner.

Soon after the contest launched Tesla owners flooded Twitter with their favourite photos of their Tesla. Here are just a few examples.


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