Tesla China sells 65,814 cars in March

Tesla China had another blockbuster month in March, selling 65,814 cars made at Giga Shanghai.

That is nearly double than during the same time period last year when Tesla sold 35,478 Model 3 and Model Y cars in March 2021, which at the time was a new record for the automaker.

According to figures from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), all but 60 of the cars sold in March were sold domestically.

This now gives Tesla a 3 month total of 190,446 cars sold in China in 2021, which extrapolated out to a full year equates to 761,864 deliveries.

However, Tesla has their work cut out for them if they are going to be able to reach that number.

Giga Shanghai has been shut down since March 28, and with COVID lockdowns recently being extended indefinitely, there is a very real possibility Tesla could lose out on an entire month of deliveries in China.

The good news is that they have been working over the last few months to increase production capacity, so they may be able to make up the shortfall as they ramp production through the remainder of the year.

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