Tesla Appoints Bonne Eggleston to Spearhead 4680 Battery Program

Tesla has appointed Bonne Eggleston as the new head of the 4680 battery program, as the automaker is aggressively pursuing strategies to reduce production costs.

Eggleston’s rise to head of the 4680 battery program was first reported by LatePost, and later confirmed by Eggleston himself on X, posting a battery and waving hand emoji in a conversation about his possible appointment.

According to the report, Eggleston is tasked with driving down 4680 production costs significantly. His mandate includes not only continuing production without further layoffs but also ensuring that Tesla’s 4680 batteries become cheaper than those offered by major suppliers like Panasonic and LG Energy Solution by the end of the year.

Eggleston’s work will revolve around both enhancing existing methods and potentially integrating new supply chains for key materials such as cathodes. Despite the initial 20% reduction in production costs through design innovations and structural integration in the vehicle’s chassis, the goal to halve the battery costs presents substantial challenges.

The complex production technique of dry-coated electrodes, though promising, remains an obstacle yet to be fully mastered and mass-produced.

Tesla’s 4680 battery project is not just about maintaining cost efficiency but also about securing a sustainable advantage in the EV market. The batteries, currently used in the Cybertruck produced at Giga Texas, are also expected to power future models like the proposed Robotaxi “Cybercab.”

Achieving cost reduction targets by the end of the year is critical, as failure to do so might lead Tesla to reconsider the viability of continuing with the 4680 battery project in favour of sourcing from external suppliers.

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