Tesla relaunches referral program with new credit based system

Tesla has brought back their popular referral program for owners in the US,, bringing with it some changes compared to the previous version that was cancelled just over one year ago.

The program appears to currently only be available to US owners, although it may be coming to Canada as well.

Under the previous version of the program owners could only earn 1,500km or 1,000 miles of free Supercharging credits when someone purchased a new Tesla vehicle with their referral code.

Now Tesla had updated the program to work on a credit based system where owners can accumulate credits for referrals that can be redeemed for not only Supercharging credits, but also Tesla merchandise and accessories. Owners can also earn credits for buying qualifying Tesla products themselves.

However, unlike the new Treasure Chest referral program in China, it appears referral credits can only be earned for Solar Roof and Solar Panel purchases, and not for purchases of Tesla vehicles.

A purchase of either Tesla Energy product earns you 6,000 credits.

The new referral program is accessed in the same way it was previously by opening the Loot Box in your mobile app (first click on your profile icon in the top right, then ‘Loot Box’). According to the app you must be on the latest version, v4.14.4 to see the new Loot Box.

Once inside you can check your reward balance, and see how many credits it takes to redeem them for rewards.

The redemption options appear to include almost all products found in the Tesla Shop, including the newly released Tesla Sipping Glasses (1,750 credits), CCS adapter (5,000 credits), Pet Liners (2,900 credits), clothing, and much more.


The new referral program has appeared for owners in the US, but strangely not for Canadians, with the exception of one our readers in Ontario who is able to access it and shared the screenshots above with us.

However, as you can see the Supercharger credits reference them being in miles, and not kilometers, so this may just be a bug.

The Tesla support page for the new program is also only available on the US version of Tesla’s website, with the Canadian version still referencing the previous version of the program.

Do you have the new Loot Box in your mobile app? Let us know in the comments below.

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