Tesla is placing their Design and Engineering Centre in Beijing

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Tesla is placing the much-anticipated Chinese Design Center in China’s capital city of Beijing.

Although earlier reporting noted that Tesla China would build a Design and Engineering Center in China, Tesla did not say where the company would locate the building.

However, we now know that the Design Center will be in Beijing. This information became available after the Beijing government recently released a list of key projects in the region.

No one knows any details around the center outside of Tesla itself. Reports did circulate that it would be working primarily on the mass-market $25,000 Tesla.

One clear thing is that Tesla will not release any new vehicles in 2022. So, the Chinese-inspired mass-market Tesla is not on the books for this year.

However, we assume that the Beijing design and engineering center would be involved in the project once it is up and running.

The other major highlight from this key project list is that Xiaomi Corp, a Chinese smartphone company, is building a new EV plant in Beijing. The plant will have a capacity of 300,000 vehicles per year.

Tesla did not confirm the report or provide any additional details on the potential design and engineering center.

Tesla officially begins hiring for its China Design Center

Source: WSJ

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