Tesla is now the best-selling car brand in Norway

Model 3 drifting in snow

In a somewhat shocking turn of events for legacy automakers, Tesla became the top-selling auto brand in Norway for 2021.

The title comes as the US-based automaker only sold the Tesla Model 3 for most of the year, only introducing the Model Y in the country in September.

Norway is the world leader in terms of electric vehicle adaption per capita. The country is already well on its way to meet its goal of each new car on the road being electric by 2025. Other countries have introduced the same policy change plans in 2030, 2035 or later.

In terms of best-selling cars, the Tesla Model 3 dominated. The Model 3 moved 12,058 units. While the second-place Toyota RAV4 sold 8,928 units.

Rounding out the top three was the Volkswagen ID.4, which sold 8,645 units. The Tesla Model Y placed fourth with 8,267 units sold, according to data from the Norwegian Road Federation (OFV).

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In addition, Tesla dominated the total sales by brand. The company moved 20,397 vehicles, accounting for 11.6 per cent of the market.

Volkswagen was second with 16,926 units or 9.6 per cent. Toyota rounded out the top three with 15 807 units sold or 9.0 per cent.

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However, what is even more shocking is the change in buyers mentality. In 2021, only one internal combustion engine vehicle broke the top 10 selling vehicles in Norway.

The Toyota RAV4 is the sole gas-powered vehicle on the list.

With so many EV options in the small Nordic country, Tesla dominates. It will be interesting to see if that dominance continues as more and more automakers dedicate resources to electrify.

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