Tesla cuts Model 3/Y prices across Europe

North America wasn’t the only region which saw price reductions as many countries across Europe have also been impacted by the changes. Although unlike in Canada and the US the price reductions so far appear to only impact the Model 3 and Model Y and not the Model S and Model X, which just recently restarted deliveries last month after a two year hiatus.

We have so far seen reports of price cuts in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, and likely many more. The price reductions seem to have a wide variability across the region as they range from less than 1% in some countries to around 20%, and even above, in others.

In Denmark the price cuts have an even larger impact as according to one of our readers they take most configurations of the Model 3 and Model Y below the threshold for when extra taxes are added, making them even cheaper, much like an incentive or rebate would do.

We have done our best to compile all of the price changes from various reports across social media below. If we are missing any let us know in the comments below.

You can read about the price changes in Canada here and the changes in the US here.




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