Tesla increases price of Wall Connector to make it more expensive than before last month’s price drop

Tesla has increased the price of their Wall Connector by more than 20% in North America, just one month after dropping the price of the popular home charging solution to its lowest point ever.

Back in mid-December Tesla lowered the price of the Wall Connector from $510 in Canada and $400 in the US down to $465 and $350 respectively. The price drops made it the cheapest Level 2 48 amp EV charger on the market and came after Tesla opened up their charge connector design to other automakers as the North American Charging Standard (NACS).

Now one month later and Tesla has increased the price to make it even more expensive than it was before the price drop. According to the Tesla Shop in Canada the Wall Connector will now set you back $575, while customers in the US will have to pay $425.

While Tesla increased the price of their Wall Connector with the NACS plug, the price for the J1772 Wall Connector has remained the same at $755CAD/$550 USD.

Tesla of course didn’t provide an explanation for the sudden and drastic price increase. The increase is in contrast to the drastic price cut Tesla just implemented on their vehicles, dropping prices by as much as 21% in Canada and many other markets around the world. The price drops were enough to make the Model 3 RWD eligible again for Canada’s iZEV incentive program, as well as make more variants of the Model 3 and Model Y eligible for the $7,500 tax credit in the US.

You can purchase the Wall Connector at the links below.


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