Tesla adds dynamic vehicle length visualizations in FSD Beta

If you have driven a Tesla before, you have noticed the visualizations on the screen which displays at least some of what the vehicle is seeing in the surrounding environment.

Over the years Tesla has expanded this to include more than just cars and trucks and other vehicles, but also animated pedestrians, speed limit signs, and even dogs.

All of those visualizations, especially in the case of vehicles, have been a “one size fits all” solution, with standardized visuals regardless of how big or small the vehicle actually is.

Now in the latest version of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software, the car’s computer can recognize and visualize differences in size.

This was perfectly illustrated in a video by FSD Beta tester AIDRIVR, who came across this pickup truck pulling a trailer, which the computer interpreted as a really small and squished truck.

The YouTuber also shared this photo of a limousine, which ironically displays as exactly what it is – a stretched vehicle.

More examples of these dynamic visualizations have been shared on Reddit, but in a slightly different way.

User u/ramen2581 was recently sitting in his vehicle next to a passing freight train. The train was moving slow enough for the computer to recognize the vehicles, but fast enough that it thought they were also long like a limousine.

Perhaps the most amusing visualization is this one of a modified Ford Super Duty Truck, which was displayed as being the equivalent size of about 3 “normal” vehicles.

You can watch AI DRIVR’s video below, which will start at the relevant section.

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