Tesla Giga Berlin production to resume next week

Tesla has confirmed it plans to restart production at Giga Berlin next week as scheduled.

In early January we learned that Tesla was planning to suspend most production at Giga Berlin for a two-week period, starting on January 29. The production lines were coming to a halt because of conflict in the Red Sea, where commercial vessels were being attacked by Yemen’s Houthi rebels in solidarity with Palestinian Islamist group Hamas fighting Israel in Gaza. 

The attacks resulted in shipping companies having to alter their routes from China to instead go around Africa, extending the time it takes for parts to arrive in Europe, disrupting not only Tesla’s supply chain, but other automakers like Volvo, who also had to shut down their production in January.

The two-week shutdown was supposed to end on February 11, and it looks like that timeline is on schedule, according to Senior Director, Manufacturing Giga Berlin André Thierig, who told the German publication Tagesspiegel that production will restart on Monday. (h/t: @Gf4Tesla)

The supply chains are intact again. The necessary security that all necessary production parts are available in sufficient quantities to be able to fully restart.

André Thierig

The restart of production comes after the factory recently reached a new milestone. Just before the shutdown in January, Giga Berlin employees celebrated producing 6,000 Model Ys in a single week, nearly a year after reaching 5,000 Model Ys per week.

Given the new ouput rate, that means approximately 12,000 Model Ys were not built during the two week shutdown.

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