Tesla Model Y production at Giga Berlin reaches next milestone: 6,000 per week

Tesla’s Giga Berlin might not be bustling with activity right now due to most production being halted, but just before that happened the factory achieved a new milestone, producing 6,000 Model Y SUVs in a single week.

Tesla’s factory in Grünheide first opened in 2022, at first only producing the Model Y Performance, before expanding its production lines to also include the Long Range (LR) variant. Giga Berlin’s production ramp followed closely with that of Giga Texas, which opened at almost the same time, with both factories reaching 3,000 units per week by December 2022.

Giga Berlin then reached 5,000 Model Ys per week in March 2023, but there has been no news on the factory’s output since then. However, nearly a year later and Giga Berlin has reached 6,000 units per week. Unlike the last milestone, this one hasn’t officially been announced by Tesla yet, but Quality Engineer Lars Lengacker shared in a post on LinkedIn a video of a Model Y with a ‘6k’ shirt that was made to commemorate the moment. (via Sawyer Merritt)

This was later confirmed by Giga Berlin’s Director Quality, Bob Foulkes, who wrote on LinkedIn, “The hood of your new beautiful Quicksilver Model Y scattered with trophies of our achievements – 1K all the way to 6K and beyond.” Foulkes also shared a picture of employees at the end of the production line wearing those same ‘6K’ shirts.

As we noted, Giga Berlin is currently in the middle of a two-week production stop. The company announced last month the factory would be shutting down most production after their supply chain was disrupted due to the ongoing attacks in the Red Sea. The shutdown is expected to end on February 11, 2024.

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