Tesla FSD Beta now available to anyone in North America: Elon Musk

Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla has expanded their Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta program to any owner in North America who has purchased the software package and has requested the beta software through the in-car display.

The expansion of the program to all owners in Canada and the US comes just over two years after Tesla first launched the beta testing program in October 2020.

At that time the program was limited to just a few hundred employee testers, and even fewer public testers. The pool of testers grew slowly, later expanding to 10,000 testers before it eventually expanded to Canada in March of this year.

According to the most recent update from Tesla, there were 160,000 testers in both Canada and the US, with Musk explaining earlier this summer he was hoping to have a wide release of the software in North America before the end of the year.

After years of missed deadlines, this one was met with Musk confirming on Twitter this morning FSD Beta is now available to any owner who wants it.

The wide release of FSD Beta means Tesla no longer requires you to have a certain Safety Score before being allowed to download the software to your vehicle.

At first that requirement was as high as 100 for the first wave of testers, before Tesla slowly lowered the requirement to as low as 80 as the software matured.

The wide release also coincides with the pending release of v11, which merges the highway and city streets code into a single software stack.

That version has already been deployed internally and to a handful of public testers, but Musk promised it would begin a wider rollout by Thanksgiving, so we should start seeing more downloads soon.

FSD Beta V11 arrives moving to single stack for city and highway driving [Release Notes]

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