Cadillac Lyriq proves popular as reservations sell out in less than 20 minutes

Without much fanfare, Cadillac sold out all of the available reservations for their first electric vehicle, the Lyriq. While it sounds like great news for the American automaker, we don’t know how many reservations were available, only that it was for the limited “Debut Edition” of the EV.

UPDATE: According to a source who spoke to a Cadillac dealer in south Florida, the number of reservations was limited to just 1,500. If true that number is very disappointing and shows legacy automakers’ continued reluctance to embrace electrification.

Cadillac announced the quick sell-out on Twitter with a post just 19 minutes after reservations officially opened at 1:00pm.

Despite selling out of the pre-orders, it appears Cadillac had some technical difficulties which resulted in some unhappy customers. There were several comments on Twitter about being unable to reach the final step in the process, to another saying it appeared their payment was accepted but had received no confirmation of the order from Cadillac.

The Lyriq is Cadillac’s first entry into the EV market and is expected to ship early next year. The car will come equipped with a 100kWh Ultium battery pack from GM and have a targeted range of over 300 miles (480km).

When it comes to charging the Lyriq can support up to 190kW on DC fast chargers which is good enough for 76 miles (122km) of added range in 10 minutes. The car also has a 19.2kW on-board charger, which according to Cadillac can add 52 miles (83km) of range per hour.

In Canada the Lyriq starts at $69,898, including the destination fee. In the US it starts at $58,795.

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