Doug Ford hints EV subsidies will not be coming back to Ontario if elected

Ontario Premier Doug Ford indicated that there would be no return of the electric vehicle (EV) subsidy if he wins the election on June 2.

The comments come as Ontario’s four main provincial parties start campaigning to voters.

When asked about the EV subsidy yesterday in a media scrum, Ford said: (via Toronto Star)

“Since we’ve been in office, electric vehicles have tripled in sales, so I guess that was a good decision.”

In contrast, all three opposition parties took up the opportunity to test drive their plans for the EV subsidy.

The Liberal Party of Ontario is pledging up to $8,000 in subsidies while the Green Party is pledging up to $10,000.

The New Democrats did not release an exact number. However, they did confirm they will provide a subsidy to help more drivers bridge the affordability gap.

The Liberal party has put out a comprehensive EV strategy. It includes as much as $1,500 in subsidies to assist with charging equipment in homes. In addition, the plan will provide funding for more charging stations in multi-dwelling buildings and public spaces.

Although EV sales in Canada are hitting new highs, nation-wide EVs only account for 5 per cent of the total number of new vehicles registered.

This lags behind countries like Germany, the UK, France and even China.

Ontario NDP lays out their EV strategy ahead of provincial election

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