Tesla enforces one-order-per-customer rule for Cybertruck

Tesla has implemented a one-order-per-person policy for its Foundation Series Cybertruck. The new policy comes after several customers reported being able to secure an order for two Cybertrucks, while others waited (im)patiently for their chance at finalizing their orders.

The Foundation Series Cybertruck, launched on November 30, has seen overwhelming demand, with hundreds of reservation holders snapping them up, despite the $20,000 price premium. While initial orders were limited to customers in California and Texas, the automaker soon expanded to other states across the US, then shutting down orders before reopening them, leaving it up to anyone’s guess as to how they were selecting customers to buy one of the first Cybertrucks off the production line at Giga Texas.

Complicating matters, some customers reported they were able to secure more than one Foundation Series Cybertruck, sharing pictures of their Tesla accounts to prove it.

Tesla apparently got wind of these customers with multiple orders, and the company has blamed it on a glitch. According to one of those customers who was able to secure an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Cybertruck and a Cyberbeast, Lee Josephson, Tesla phoned him personally to say he had to cancel one of the orders. Other customers reported receiving the same phone call, informing them that the duplicate invitations to order were issued “accidentally,” and that they were required to cancel all but one order.

Tesla assured these customers that they would receive a refund for the $1,000 deposit associated with the cancelled order.

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While some celebrated the move as a step towards speeding up their own invitations, others expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of communication regarding the one-order-per-person limit. Although the limit does make sense considering the overwhelming demand for the Cybertruck, and the currently limited production.

That limited production was expected as Tesla continues to ramp its efforts at Giga Texas. Initially delivery estimates said the first Cybertruck AWD deliveries would take place in December, and tri-motor deliveries into March. As more invitations to order have been snapped up, delivery estimates have now been pushed as far back as mid-to-late 2024 for the Cyberbeast, leading many to opt for the cheaper Cybertruck AWD, which has a shorter wait time into March 2024.

This isn’t the only policy related to the Cybertruck that has drawn the attention of customers. As we have previously reported, the order agreement has a new clause that says Tesla can sue you for $50,000 or more if you sell your Cybertruck within the first year of ownership. This policy was put in place to prevent customers from flipping their early production Cybertruck for a huge profit, but does allow for exceptions, however you have to get agreement from Tesla in writing before you can sell it.

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