Tesla begins inviting customers to order $120K ‘Foundation Series’ Cybertrucks [Update]

Tesla kicked off deliveries of the Cybertruck last week at Giga Texas, inviting a select few to participate in the Delivery Event and take possession of their Foundation Series Cybertrucks. Now the company is inviting more customers to configure and order their limited edition Cybertrucks.

According to the emails that were sent and shared by several customers on social media, Tesla is picking some “early reservation holders” in California and Texas to place their orders. If you are lucky enough to get the email, titled ‘Your Foundation Series Cybertruck is Ready to Order,” be prepared to pay big money for the opportunity to own one of the first Cybertrucks.

Since the delivery event last week a few details have been uncovered in the source code of Tesla’s website, suggesting the Foundation Series was going to include more than just the truck itself, and today’s emails have confirmed it. When you order a Foundation Series you also get a number of accessories, including these premium accessories:

  • Laser-Etched Badging
  • Full Self-Driving
  • Lifetime Premium Connectivity
  • Universal Wall Connector
  • Powershare Mobile Connector
  • Powershare Home Backup
  • Off-Road Lightbar

UPDATE 1:55pm PT: Here are the regular accessories that are included:

  • 3D All-Weather Floormats
  • Smuggler’s Bay Dividers
  • Sunshade
  • Bed D-Rings
  • L-Track Hooks with Tie-Downs
  • Bottle Opener

The price? $119,990, plus a $1,995 Destination Fee, a $250 Order Fee, but you do get a $100 credit for your original reservation. This is $20,000 more than the estimated price of $99,990 for the Cyberbeast (tri-motor) on Tesla’s website, although the email doesn’t specify these are the tri-motor version.

UPDATE 1:55pm PT: One customer who received the email reached out to us to share more details, and a lot more information about the Cybertruck was revealed that we didn’t know about before.

Foundation Series customers can order both the dual motor AWD Cybertruck or to the tri-motor CyberBeast. The $119,990 pricing applies to the CyberBeast, while the AWD version comes in at $99,990. Both variants carry a $20,000 premium over regular pricing. Deliveries for the Cybertruck AWD have an estimated window of December to March, while the CyberBeast is estimated for “early 2024.”

We also learned more about the specs of the Cybertrucks. The 340 mile (547km) range on the AWD Cybertruck is only when equipped with all-season tires. Unfortunately Tesla says those won’t be available until 2024, meaning if you take delivery now your range drops to 318 miles (512km) with the 35″ all-terrain tires. Similarly for the Cyberbeast, the 320 mile (515km) range with all-season tires drops to 301 miles (484km) with all-terrain tires.

Additionally, the Range Extender was also offered to customers who order a Foundation Series Cybertruck, and the pricing is $16,000 as speculated. However if you opt for the Range Extender all you have to pay now is $500, which guarantees priority installation. However you will have to wait as the email also states production of the Range Extender won’t begin until late 2024.

It appears as though ordering a Foundation Series also comes with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), as most of the posts that have been shared on social media have since been deleted. (Update: We have confirmed with the customer above there was no NDA included with their email) According to the emails that were shared, Tesla says deliveries will take place this month.

Here’s what the laser-etched badging looks like.

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