Tesla drops the price of the mobile connector bundle to $200

After a fair amount of negative reaction on Twitter and other social media platforms, Tesla has moved to drop the price of the mobile connector bundle by $200.

Elon confirmed the move late last night in a tweet.

He noted that the new price will be $200 in the Tesla Store. As well, Musk stated that customers who have a wall charger or use Superchargers will not need the bundle.

He also recommended that those who ordered their cars install the wall connector well before the vehicle arrives.

The move to remove the mobile connector bundle was a strange one. Drive Tesla Canada was first to report the rumours of it happening last week.

Yesterday Tesla added the bundle to the Tesla Store.

The initial price of the bundle was $400, and evidently, that price point raised a few eyebrows.

Tesla nor Musk has yet to confirm if vehicles already ordered will include the mobile connector bundle as part of the standard equipment. Nor did they confirm when the cut-off day is.

We have yet to receive a report from a new owner saying their car didn’t include the bundle, but if yours didn’t, let us know in the comments below or reach out to us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

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