Design Studio hints the Tesla Mobile Connector is no longer included with new vehicles

mobile connector bundle

Every new Tesla owner receives a Mobile Connector Bundle included with their purchase. The bundle includes a charger, carrying case, and an adapter for standard 120 volt household outlet.

Making the bundle versatile is the option to purchase a variety of different adapters, like NEMA 14-50, allowing you to charge your car at higher speeds without having to purchase a more expensive charger like the Wall Connector.

However a recent change to Tesla’s website hints that new owners might soon have to pay for the accessory.

On the section of the Design Studio that highlights the different features of the car, the ‘Easy Charging’ card used to say you can top off your car “using the included Mobile Connector Bundle” (emphasis added).

That section has now been changed to remove the word included.

The change is minor, but it is a strange one to make if Tesla is still including it with the vehicle as they always have.

They also don’t usually make changes to the Design Studio until something has entered production or cars are starting to be delivered with a different feature than before.

In checking other parts of the website, the Mobile Connector support page still says it is “included as standard equipment with a new Tesla.”

The Tesla Shop currently lists the Mobile Connector Bundle for $370 CAD/$275 USD.

We have yet to receive a report from a new owner saying their car didn’t include the bundle, but if yours didn’t let us know in the comments below or reach out to us at

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