Tesla Design Studio to open in India January 2021

Tesla Model X in India
The first Tesla imported into India in 2017

Hopeful Tesla owners in India now have a better idea of when they will be able to begin ordering their first electric vehicle, after CEO Elon Musk said the online configurator (Design Studio) will likely launch early next year.

Tesla’s move to officially have a presence in India comes after years of waiting. In 2018 Musk confirmed his company’s desire to open in the country, saying “challenging government regulations” were the reason for the delay.

If you want a Tesla in India, you have to import it into the country. This adds a premium to the already expensive cost of bringing a vehicle into the country, potentially even doubling the price. You also won’t have an official Tesla Service Center to take your car to if it needs any repairs.

Earlier this month Musk responded to a request from the Tesla Club India, saying the automaker would be officially entering the country “next year for sure.”

That date is going to feel even closer now, after the CEO said the Design Studio will soon open for customers in India.

If the process follows as it has in other countries, when the Design Studio opens customers will be able to configure their vehicles and pay a refundable deposit to reserve their place in line.

Tesla is also reportedly in talks to open up a research center in India.

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